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In all modern cars (BMW), Electronic Computers Units (ECU) contains the information how to operate. By coding we can add, change, remove settings and equipment.
We can also change languages whenever your car is configured with a different langue (import), besides language, we can also change frequencies, Miles to Kilometers.

Coding possibilities
- Start Stop Memory (or disable)
- Video in Motion, play videos from USB
- Folding Mirrors
- Xenon/Led upgrade
- Tire temperature and pressure
- Change Logo's (M-Performance / M / Mini)


We an retrofit lots of equipment on your car. We change the hardware and we will code the new equipment on your car.

Retrofitting possibilities
- Bi-Xenon or Led Lights (Headlights, Foglights, Cornering lights, Tail lights, Side markers)
- Active Sound Design (get the "fake" M sound in your car)
- Awron displays
- Folding Mirrors


We can find out and resolve error codes, due retrofitting. We work with original BMW solutions that can read and detect error codes on your car.

Headlight (Bi-Xenon/Led) error: It happens that some cars will provide an error whenever changing Xenon to Led or the other way around. This is because the voltage is not the same, your car is checking each second if the light is operating properly, this can cause an error code. We can correct this error by coding the correct settings.


We can install and retrofit most of the available equipment on your own car. Besides retrofitting, we can install any awron performance displays on your car.

Video in Motion

Watch Movies from DVD or USB

Tire Pressure and Temperature

Performance Displays

Awron Display ordering

Awron installation

Get all the details out of your car. Temperature, Power, Torque, Boost Pressure, etc...


About us

BimmerCoding Belgium is a group of 2 passionates persons, we love cars and IT. We started with our own cars, and rapidly friends, friends of friends, but also colleagues came in, and so we started off BMWCoding Belgium. We discovered that coding cars was the ideal combination for us, meanwhile helping other people getting the most value and emotion out of the lovely cars.

How does it work

The new cars (as of 2010) are almost all equipped with ECU (Electronic Computer Units), the ECU contains the information (data) of your car and car equipment. By modifying values in the ECU will can change the default data of your car. Therefore we can add, remove, change and also retrofit equipment of your car.

How long does it take

Coding your car doesn’t take that long, depending on the desired change, it can go to 1 hour, maximum 1 day (8 hours) of work. If we need to retrofit equipment, depending on the retrofit it could take more time, please ask us around timing for any retrofit.

What’s the risk for me and my car

Before starting to code your car, we always take a backup of the original state of your car. If anything is not working as it should, we revert back to the original state of the car. We can always revert back to the default factory settings with equipment how it has been ordered.

Our News

We will update you with the latest changes and information about coding, retrofitting our cars.



Awron installation, we can install your awron display into your car. These will provide you all the details and real-time information of your car. The installation will take about 3 hours. We can also order the awron display for you if needed. The Awron DGA Gauge is an all-in-one display unit that presents a wide array of real time data for your car. Featuring a sharp, full color OLED display, the Awron DGA gauge is easily controlled using the factory steering wheel buttons for on the fly commands. By replacing one of the factory air ducts the DGA gauge flows seamlessly with BMW's interior.



BMWCoding Belgium has been created early May 2016, the new website has been launched to provide more information. A team of 2 persons will be able to help you all your questions, feel free to ask. We will create new social media coverage, in order to keep you up to date, with the latest news.

What People Say?


Thanks to BWMCoding Belgium, I can even more benefit from my car equipment, Video in motion for my long distance driving. But also I hate the start-stop not keeping the last setting in mind. This is all over now. They also helped my with coding my Led fog lights and the Led Tail light on my F31. Great work, Thanks


They coded the M-performance logo's in my instrument cluster, but also the Video in Motion including Video of USB playing on entertainement system. Last but not least, they built in the Awron display in my car, this is the best mod ever on my lovely car. Many thanks for your great work.

Bimmer Coding Belgium